4000mAh Portable Charging Station by Maxlife

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  • MAXLIFE™ Mega Capacity 4000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charging Station - 2016 Model

    This compact and versatile charging station can be taken anywhere you go - the size of a lipstick and weighing only around 3 ounces - there is nothing more powerful in this size for your charging needs.

    This device basically becomes a portable USB wall outlet for any device you need to charge - charge multiple devices and multiple times with this amazing extended capacity device.

    Works for any smartphone, camera, laptop, music player, or other device - this is a true UNIVERSAL charging outlet. Charge your iPhone or Galaxy, or any other top model - works for all the newest 2016 devices too like the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 too.

    Precision engineered board provides the fastest possible charge - a 20% improvement over previous models and anywhere from a 30-50% improvement over similar products - plus the added overcharge prevention unit will ensure that your device's battery will not suffer any damage from overcharging unlike other similar chargers

    Put it in your pocket, your wallet, bag, keep it in your car center console, take it on the plane, the possibilities are endless! Why worry about finding a car or wall outlet when you can bring the outlet with you!

    Ultra Compact - Only about 3 inches long
    Ultra Light - Only about 3 ounces


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4000mAh Portable Charging Station by Maxlife

4000mAh Portable Charging Station by Maxlife


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